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Bed | Typ 2

Minimalistic, elegant & comfortable

Coated vinyl board

Natural material determines the look

The board after removing the seat-back opens a enough space to place your lovely magazines, you computer or other odds.

Oak shelf

Matched with the frame

Another variant of the board. You can choose between oak and vinyl.

Extrem resilient

Stable bedframe

2 racks and four struts bolted to it. This construction is a very stable foundation for the frame and nevertheless disappears optically under the frame due to the recessed construction.

Bed with indirect lighting

LED lighting for the right atmosphere.

At the underside of the wooden frame are recesses
for LED stripes. Controlled over app you can easily
create the right atmosphere.

Product description Bed 2

The basis for this bed is, as in Bed "Type 1", an all-wood frame made of oak and an angled bed frame made of steel. Expanded by a wide shelf and two removable backrests, the bed becomes a comfortable experience. The wood is smooth ground, oiled and then polished. The steel frame consists of two beams and four struts, which are screwed to it. Due to this design the bed is extremely resilient, disturbing noises or wobbly feet are thus excluded. On the underside of the solid wood frame, LED stripes can be attached as an option, the stripes can be removed to make the bed an absolute sensation. The insertion depth for mattresses depends on the height of the slat grate approx. 3 - 4 cm, enough so that this does not slip out of the bed frame. The slatted frame lays on 4 wooden cross binders connected with the solid wooden frame, a generous ventilation of the mattress base is ensured.

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Tech Specs - Bed Type 2

Inner / Outer Dimensions.
  • 45 x 160 x 200 (169 x 2340)cm
  • 45 x 180 x 200 (189 x 2340)cm
  • 45 x 200 x 200 (209 x 2340)cm
Wooden frame - outer / inner frame height. 9 x 4.5 cm / 7.5cm
Stainless steel profil. 2 x 4 cm
Seat back dimensions.
Height measured from the top of the mattress.
The height of the mattress is 20cm.
  • 160er 15 x 55 x 80cm
  • 180er 15 x 55 x 90cm
  • 200er 15 x 55 x 100cm